Why Study a Law Degree in Ireland?

Come to think of it, your future may already include a career in law. No wonder law courses are in great demand as they offer graduates a wide range of skills and excellent career prospects. Here are some reasons why studying law in 2022/2023 is a good time to go. Why study law in Ireland

Why is it good to have a law degree?

A law degree prepares learners for a variety of careers, whether working or non-professional. Employers are attracted to candidates who can develop complex arguments, solve difficult problems, and communicate ideas effectively. Many industries where law graduates can find jobs include banking, public service, media, and government.

What can I do with a law degree? choose to

Politics and Diplomacy.
Compliance and Regulation.
research; in-house legal advice for
different companies;

What is LLB (Hons)?

Bachelor of Laws degree is called Bachelor of Laws (Hons). Law degrees awarded LLB (Hons) are considered bachelor’s degrees, although of Latin origin. Her LLB (Hons) program at Griffith College will last his three years. By choosing additional subjects (electives), students can adapt their learning to suit their interests and needs. Depending on their passion, students’ focus ranges from criminal law to human rights law to corporate law.

Which law degree do I need to become a lawyer?

If you want to become a lawyer or barrister, an LLB (Hons) degree is the best place to start. To practice law, she must pass her FE1 entrance exam for the Irish Law Institute after graduation. To become a lawyer, you also need to pass the Kings Inn entrance exam
Griffith College’s LLB (Hons) is a recognized law degree that allows you to take these exams.

Reasons to Study Law in Ireland

A law degree in Ireland is particularly attractive because Ireland is known for its high standards of education and education. Graduates with an Irish law degree acquire a wide range of professional skills.

Can I get a law degree online?

A quick solution is safe. The LLB (Hons) Diploma is available in full-time, part-time and combined mastering options at Griffith Dublin and Cork campuses. Total time observations are made at any time of the day when it is not convenient. You will be interested in our part-time law degree.A part-time law degree with evening training allows even the less experienced to combine studies with current duties.

Reasons to Study Law at Griffith College

You may be serving law now, but why remember Griffith University’s LLB (Hons)? In addition, you must be eligible to access all extracurricular sports relevant to regulation.
specific internship opportunities like our annual summer internship in Philadelphia.
Faculty Analysis. Many of them still actively practice the subject today. Fraud laws, human rights laws, or corporate rules. Choose from several modes of study at our
Dublin and Cork campuses

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