Personal loans in the Netherlands

The Netherlands has consumer credit products such as fixed term, monthly installments, and personal loans with interest. The borrower receives his one-time payment for the loan amount. The installments required to repay this type of loan are pre-set, so there is no uncertainty. In the case of installment payments, interest accrues on the unpaid amount in addition to the amount repaid. Dutch Personal Loans



Low-interest personal loans are available from Became in the Netherlands. You will be informed of the amount of the monthly installments before you take out the loan. A car loan or home improvement loan is an easy way to borrow money for a purchase or renovation.



Interest on personal loans

It is very important to note the interest on personal loans in the Netherlands. Taking out a personal loan is more expensive when interest rates are high. At the end of the page, we have put together a table summarizing the interest rates for the cheapest personal loans. Monthly installments over the term of the loan consist of repayments and interest payments. You can agree to lend more than one amount. However, if you want to borrow multiple amounts, you will have to pay multiple monthly installments.



Personal loans in the Netherlands – costs

Remember that when you take out a personal loan you have to pay interest. The amount borrowed and the term of the loan determine the amount of interest paid
Became does not charge for consulting and processing services. Calculating your loan on this page is a great way to see how much you need to pay.



Key Features of Dutch Personal Loans
 loan amounts are paid into your account at a single rate
Monthly installments are fast amounts fixed with repayment amount and interest
The term of the loan is agreed in advance and remains fixed
Loans are typically used to purchase goods for a limited period
You already know exactly how much you want to pay
Early repayment of the loan
Be extra careful with personal loans over 10,000 Euro
Want to know how to borrow more?
 you can calculate your loan and monthly installments here.



How do I request a quote?

Please enter the amount you want to borrow. Became Netherlands’ mortgage experts will check if this is feasible. Mainly based on the records you provided. After completing the application system, you may receive an offer in your inbox. You can find all the facts on our online portal. You can also upload the documents you provided. Once the documents are verified, it usually takes about 2 business days. The money can then be used for that purpose in Holland. Then you can start paying in installments right away.



Personal Loan Term

Personal loan terms range from 6 to 120 months. You want to apply for a loan to pay off an outstanding mortgage or pay for renovations. It can be extended up to 180 months (15 years). It is very important to make sure that the term of your Dutch mortgage closely matches the lifespan of the product you wish to purchase and the use of the borrowed money.


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