Insurance Ireland 2023

We are a company regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and a member of the British Association of Insurance Agents (BIBA). Our government directors are licensed insurance agents and our team has experience in all types of personal and commercial insurance. We offer all our clients the same impartial professional advice on insurance and risk management, tailored to meet their specific financial protection needs.Insurance Ireland



Individuals Insurance

We offer a wide range of personal insurance including: City Gate 44 Door Cover 4 Key 4 Engine
Hall Cover



In addition to providing coverage solutions for high value homes and property, we also help our customers find the most suitable insurance. Our compensation policy does not meet your needs when ready-made policies take precedence. A great way to fulfill your personal desires. Let us help you find your flexible policy. You can provide this by offering your coverage to major marketplace companies. Exaggerated consumer pride in an increasingly aggressive market is proof that Citygate is doing more for its customers.



Personal Protection

Have you ever thought about the cost of rebuilding or replacing your home or property if the unimaginable happens? We often underestimate our price. You can rest assured that the protection of your private property can be arranged by Citygate.

Unlike online advertising, we choose people who are friendly and easy to answer questions. Please contact us whenever you need us. By offering free choice, you can spread your premium payments throughout the year. Optionally with a monthly installment plan
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Business Insurance

Whether you run a business for profit or not for profit, we can arrange insurance for all your needs.

All Risks, Professional Liability Insurance, Professional Liability Policy, Liability Guidelines for Directors and Trustees. Regulations regarding accidental damage, business interruption, book liability, business liability, business and goods liability, cash, goods in transit, all risks, special liability, and professional liability must be considered. The entire application can be set up quickly in stores, at work and in small groups.



We provide superior auto insurance for businesses with small, medium and large commercial vehicles. Also for companies with personal business vehicles such as compact cars and private cars. Insurance Ireland



We will consider your claim for compensation free of charge and without liability.



Research extra

4 & Haulage
Engine Change


Golf Equipment & Associations

The first step to being able to advise is to fully understand your company or business. We can always make sure we understand your wishes.Don’t bet or hope anymore. We will take care of your requests such as insurance coverage and price reduction advice. Protect yourself from the dangers you face every day. You can start a conversation by asking a man or a woman. The amount of property, profits and liabilities resulting from crimes related to your business or activity